Consignment's T&C:
1. Firstly snap pictures of those items that going to be consigned/to be sold (Front and back, left and right, defective part) Let us know the price you wish to consign. The consignment price you provide will be valuate accordance to the item's condition and current market price range.
2. For consignments, those items must be deliver/send over to our shop and upon receiving the items/goods, we will proceed to check the authentication and a final valuation price will then to be offered to you.
3. The items/goods must be consigned at least for 50 days but however if it is returned within 50 days, there will be a penalty imposed of RM250 per item as the authentication fee.
4. You will be informed/notified when the items/goods had been sold and we will proceed to bank in the relevant amount into your requested bank account within 1-2 working days upon confirmation.